Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are a good way to save on energy as they keep the pool warm and also reduce the amount of time that the filter needs to run. It also reduces the amount of chemicals needed and prevents water evaporation.


Solid Safety Cover

Solid Cover

The Solid Safety Cover is the single most effective physical barrier to prevent child drowning and to secure a pool, conforming to international safety standards as it supports the weight of two adults and a child. Importantly, there are no fiddly hooks and eyelets, making the cover quick and easy to use. This blend of simplicity of design, coupled with practical and user-friendly fastening systems are what make this cover the desirable choice over other pool safety systems on the market.

The Solid Safety Cover can also be used to reduce water, chemical and power usage, making it a great cover choice for the eco-friendly home too, as well as a way to winterize or shut down the pool in the off season.

A variety of colours mean this cover can blend into the look and feel of the outdoor living area. Comes in blue, black, racing green, grey, brown, mustard, beige and stone white.

The Solid Safety Cover and all parts carry a one year warranty. The expected lifespan of the cover is three to six years. The aluminium battens should last three times that period.


Sol+Guard GeoBubble


For pool owners wishing to increase their pool water temperature, the Sol+Guard GeoBubble heating cover is one of the most intelligent and affordable ways to generate free energy and transfer this heat to pool water. This eco-smart cover is top of its class when it comes to maximum solar gain and, of all covers in the range, Sol+Guard has the most dramatic effect on raising a pool’s water temperature.


  • Heating: harnesses the sun’s energy for improved heat retention and adds up to 8°C to water temperatures, allowing for longer swimming seasons and more enjoyable temperatures during the season. Sol+Guard also retains heat overnight and from heating systems. On heated pools, it reduces the heat source consumption by up to 70%.
  • Reduces chemical input: reduces the costs associated with pool upkeep by 40%.
  • Save water: evaporation reduced by 98%+ with less top ups required to maintain water levels.
  • Water hygiene: the pool is kept cleaner and relatively clear of debris, reducing the time spent on pool upkeep.
  • Improved aesthetics: clear (with blue tinge), it allows pool lights to shine through the cover at night.
  • Durable: made from Geobubble 500 micron polyethylene with UV inhibitors and ultraviolet absorbers, Sol+Guard is designed to withstand harsh climate conditions.

The Sol+Guard carries a 3 year pro rata warranty but can be expected to last well beyond with correct care.





EnergyGuard is a high performance GeoBubble cover suited to the eco-conscious pool owner who wants to lessen the environmental impact of their pool and make household savings on power, water and chemical costs.


The average domestic pool pump’s capacity to consume considerably large amounts of electricity was the fundamental reason for development of our new EnergyGuard cover. This innovative cover reduces a pool’s power consumption and saves on household electricity costs. The EnergyGuard thermal cover has a dark grey surface with a black underside.


The EnergyGuard GeoBubble cover inhibits light entry into the pool, preventing photosynthesis and making it difficult for algae to grow or survive. This, combined with its thermal properties, yields several benefits for the pool owner.


  • Reduce filtration/pump time by up to 50%
    Filtration is still required for aeration and eradicating minor impurities but with the EnergyGuard Cover, pump time can be halved which makes for considerable power savings. The average domestic pool pump consumes 12% of the household’s total electricity. EnergyGuard reduces this by half.
  • Reduce water evaporation by 98%+
    The cover lies directly on the water so evaporation is reduced, curbing water loss and conserving this precious natural resource. An average pool (8m x 4m) can lose up to 38 400 litres of water if left uncovered.
  • Reduce chemical consumption by up to 60%
    With less algae growth, less chlorine is needed with an EnergyGuard cover. The cover also curbs chlorine loss to photolysis in the evaporation process.
  • Heat retention: energy savings of over 50%
    The dark grey surface of the EnergyGuard cover absorbs the sun’s heat and transfers it to the water. On heated pools, EnergyGuard allows for lower settings on heat pumps and solar heating becomes considerably more effective.
  • Reduce debris contamination
    The EnergyGuard cover prevents dirt, droppings and leaves from entering the water, which deprives any algae of nutrients. The end result, water aesthetics and hygiene are greatly improved.
  • Save money
    By using less energy, less chemicals and less water, this cover pays for itself in 18 months.
  • The EnergyGuard GeoBubble cover has a dark grey top with a black underside and is UV stabilized for South African conditions.
  • The non-toxic additives used combine chemical and weather resistant pigments with high performance light, weather and chemical stabilization.
  • Made from durable 500 micron material.
  • Suited to indoor and outdoor pools.

A dark grey top and black underside.EnergyGuard GeoBubble has a reducing warranty of 3 years but can be expected to last well beyond with correct care.


Thermal GeoBubble

Thermal Bubble

 The Thermal GeoBubble Cover is designed to utilise the sun’s rays to gradually warm the entire pool using solar energy only. It floats on the surface of the water, bubble side down, and can be trimmed to fit all pool sizes and shapes. This cover can be accessorised with a Rollup Station to aid use and extend the cover’s lifespan. A popular cover choice for school, gym and other commercial or large swimming pools with lanes.

  • A longer swimming season: the water temperature is raised by 6 to 8° C which extends the swimming season either side of summer. Temperate water makes for a more enjoyable summer/peak swimming season too.
  • Heat retention: for heated pools, a thermal cover is the most effective way to prevent heat loss into the atmosphere. It also protects against overnight drops in temperature, and solar panels and heat pumps are notably more effective where the cover is in use.
  • Reduces evaporation by 98%+ : because the cover is in direct contact with the water, it can’t evaporate, translating into significant water savings.
  • Convenience: prevents dirt and debris collecting in the pool,  so the water is kept cleaner and pool maintenance is reduced.
  • Environmental benefits: reduces the carbon footprint of the swimming pool by using less energy to heat and clean the pool. The cover is water-wise too, given the reduction in evaporation. Chlorine naturally dissipates in sunlight and can cause greenhouse gas emissions, but with the Thermal GeoBubble Cover, this is prevented.
  • Financial: noteworthy household savings are made on power, chemicals and water.
  • Made from 400 micron polyethylene with UV inhibitors.
  • Can be accessorised with a Rollup Station to aid use on larger pools.
  • Can be accessorised with Wind Protection for pools in areas where winds can exceed 35km/hr. In winds over 65km/hr, the cover should be removed from the pool.

Comes in blue. The Thermal GeoBubble Cover has a one year warranty but will last up to six years with correct care.


Starline Roldeck


Chic, stylish and push-of-a-button ease of use, Starline Roldeck fully-automatic pool covers are the Rolls Royce of pool covers. Suitable for all pool types and sizes, be it tiled, concrete or fibreglass. A Starline Roldeck system can be retrofitted but it is best placed in a pool designed to accommodate the cover from construction stage.

When it comes to pool upkeep, the Starline Roldeck offers numerous benefits:

  • Aesthetics: finishes off and accessorises the pool area to reflect the style of the entire home.
  • Child safety / drowning prevention: the cover can carry weights of up to 50kg per metre2, providing a safe barrier across the water to safeguard children. Pets are also protected from pool-related accidents. Pool owners can add a stainless steel rail system that sits inside the pool water or a safety ledge around the pool which gives the ultimate peace of mind with regards to pool safety.
  • Heating: improves the pool’s heat retention capacity.
  • Winterize your pool: a good cover choice for hibernating a pool in winter or when not in use for long periods. Come spring, the pool is swim-ready with minimal effort required.
  • Cleaner water: keeps the water significantly cleaner as dirt and debris are prevented from collecting in the pool, allowing one to maintain excellent water hygiene with little effort.
  • Ease of use: modern convenience at the push of a button.
  • The cover is made up of a series of slats which float unaided on the surface of the water. Upon opening or closing, these slats roll in and out over a stainless steel roller. The mechanics of this roller can be seamlessly incorporated into the pool and the controls linked to the home’s automation system.
  • Options to retrofit for existing pool.
  • Comes in a wide range of quality slats in various colours including green, white, grey and beige, allowing the cover to blend into the pool’s surrounds.
  • Polycarbonate High Quality transparent slats will enhance the aesthetics of underwater pool lighting, for a chic outdoor entertainment area.