Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

Why not harvest that rainwater?


Water is a scarce resource and everytime it rains you could be harvesting it to water your garden or supply your home.

We offer a full solution from installing rainwater tanks to fitting a booster pump to feed this water to your home.


Leaves and debree on the roof can get into the tanks and we offer several unique solutions. The first is our gutter mesh which is a very affordable solution to keep the debree out of your gutters. This clips onto almost any gutter profile.

gutter mesh

We also supply a first flush system which allows some of the rainwater to clean the roof before diverting the rest into your tanks.



In addition to fresh water harvesting, we also help you make good use of your grey water with automated grey water management systems that can be used to irrigate your garden via a drip feed.

Grey Water

Grey water 2